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Driftwood Caravan Surfboards

8'0 DC Vee Bottom - Candy Green Tint, Gloss and Polish, White Deck Pin Lines - Driftwood Caravan

$ 985.00

The DC Vee is an updated version of another one of my favorite transitional concepts. It blends aspects of the classic egg, the displacement hull and the  pig into a design that was considered one of the first “short boards” back in the late 60s. In my version, I have adjusted the rocker and rail profile to make them surf much easier than the originals. The key design features that make this board unique include a rolled entry into flat into a slightly more pronounced vee out the tail, wide point behind center, a wider than average tail block and a narrower nose. Low rocker and great colume distribution for maximum easy paddle and higher wave counts.


  • Shaped from US Blanks Green Density Foam
  • 1/4” Natural Redwood Stringer
  • 2x 8oz Volan Deck with Volan Deck Patch
  • 1x 8oz Volan Bottom with Volan Tail Patch
  • Candy Green ResinTint, Gloss and Polish, White Deck Pin Lines
  • Original Graphic artwork by Mauro Ferraro
  • Stock Dimensions 8'0 x 22.25" x 3"
  • Also Available as CUSTOM ORDER in other sizes

 Worldwide Shipping available - email for shipping quote.


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