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Driftwood Caravan Surfboards

7'6 Dirty Blade Displacement Hull with Grey Resin Tint Sanded Gloss Finish - Driftwood Caravan

$ 915.00

Nothing rides like a displacement hull and this is may take on that classic design. Once considered elite can be beneath your feet. This is transition era inspired design perfected at point brakes like Malibu and Rincon by some if its lesser known heroes. Also known as point breakers, stubbies, platters or discs, hulls also have a traditionally low rocker in nose and tail making them extremely fast and easy to paddle. Hulls are best ridden and turned from the center of the board with weight shifting off the hip. Other key Characteristics include a wide point ahead of center, super foiled rails, domed deck, convex bottom entry to a gentle vee leading out of a pulled-in tail.


  • Shaped from Millennium Medium Density Foam
  • 1/8” Natural Redwood Stringer
  • 2x 6oz  Deck
  • 1x 6oz  Bottom
  • Decorative Volan Deck and Tail Patch
  • Wet Sanded Gloss Finish with Charcoal Grey Resin Tint
  • Stock Dimensions 7'6 x 22.25" x 3"
  • Also Available as CUSTOM ORDER in other sizes

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