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Hand Foiled Volan SAM Flex Surfboard Fin - Amber Tint with Click In Fin System - Driftwood Caravan Surfboards

Driftwood Caravan Surfboards

Hand Foiled Volan SAM Flex Surfboard Fin - Amber Tint with Click In Fin System

$ 80.00

World Championship of Surfing 1966. One guy from across the pond, the Babe Ruth of surfing at the time, rode to win on a board that has captivated the minds of many. A bladed, transitional style, planky longboard named "Magic Sam" danced beneath his feet as he dazzled judges and spectators all the way to the sand. A critical part of this dance and the platform was the guidance system. So here we have it. In tribute, the 11.5" SAMflex fin is like in performance, foil and length to that original fin. Hand foiled from amber tinted volan, crafted right here in Southern California by master foiler Larry Allison of Fibre Glas Fin Co for Driftwood Caravan. Made to fit a standard Single fin box. Updated to stay put with the click-in, screw-less Kumano fin system. This is narrow based flex fin with ample take designed to work in any longboard for a responsive feel with plenty of twangy drive.

  • Made in California using high quality volan glass for durability and proper flex pattern
  • Amber Tint
  • Click-In Fin System allows for easy on the spot adjustments. No screw or backing plate needed.
  • Versatile fin perfect for all single fins and 2+1 fin setups and inspired by the holy grail of single fin templates
  • Precision felx foiled narrow tip provides maximum drive through your turn and trim
  • Available in 11.5" to cover a wide range of use different length led-lengths and longboards
  • Designed by Driftwood Caravan with the help of master fin maker Larry Allison of Fibre Glas Fin Co.

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