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Driftwood Caravan Surfboards

Hand Foiled Volan Transitional Flex Surfboard Fin - Amber Tint with Click In Fin System

$ 80.00

Driftwood Caravan Surfboards Single Flex by Fibre Glas Fin Co. is a hand-foiled volan flex fin designed for all single fin style surfboards. Tinted amber with screw-less click-in fin system.

  • Made in California using high quality volan glass for durability and proper flex pattern
  • Amber Tint
  • Click-In Fin System allows for easy on the spot adjustments. No screw or backing plate needed.
  • Versatile fin perfect for all single fins and 2+1 fin setups and inspired by the holy grail of single fin templates
  • Wide base with narrow tip provides maximum drive through your turn and trim
  • Available in 10" to cover a wide range of use different length led-lengths and longboards
  • Designed by Driftwood Caravan with the help of master fin maker Larry Allison of Fibre Glas Fin Co.

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