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Instant Gratification - Now Available For Immediate Enjoyment. 9/26/2016

Driftwood Caravan Magic Sam Mid Length Noserider Single Fin Surfboard Vee Bottom

I've moved to a new factory, that is helping me honor my commitment to beauty and quality by offering impeccable glass work and amazing resin tints. Huge thanks to the crew at Lights Out Glassing where I now build these things that I love. Special thanks to Matt from Album Surfboards for the welcome and introduction to this great team of Craftsmen.  Here are the new stock boards which are available now for your immediate enjoyment.  Free Local delivery / Pickup available or reasonable rates on secure shipping worldwide.

Driftwood Caravan 6'11 Double Ender - Moss Green with Resin Tint, Gloss and Polish DIMS  6'11" x 21.75" x 2.75"  $910 Buy / Learn More

My most versatile shape. For those looking for more than your average egg. Finely foiled and ready for waves in a wide variety of conditions.

Driftwood Caravan 7'6 Double Ender - Watermelon Red with Resin Tint, Gloss and Polish DIMS 7'6 x 22 x 2.875  $960  Buy / Learn More

My most versatile shape in the most popular size. For those looking for more than your average egg. Low rocker, wave magnet with high performance bottom contours. the perfect spot filler to your California quiver that will quickly become your go-to board on almost any day.

Driftwood Caravan DC Vee 8'0 Vee Bottom - Candy Green Tint, Gloss and Polish, White Deck Pin Lines. $985 Buy / Learn More

Inspired by the Classic Vee Bottoms from the 1960's - Updated for anyone to enjoy. low rocker, mild vee and plenty of foam between two finely foiled rails.


Driftwood Caravan Transitional 9'4 Pintail Noserider - Moss Green Tint, Gloss and Polish 8oz Volan DIMS 9'4 x 23"x3  $1180 Buy / Learn More

The Driftwood Caravan "Transitional" aka the "Valiant" aka the pintail noserider is a sleek updated version of a board I was offering a few years ago. Inspired by Mid-Late 60s California nose riders as well as Australian shapes from the time, this board is smooth, responsive and a great option for those who want a classic shape that works well in the small stuff.

Pre-Loved and handled with Care:

Driftwood Caravan 10'6 DC SAM - Creme Opaque, Sanded Gloss 8oz Volan DIMS 10'6 x 17" x 24" x 17" x 3.5"  $750 Buy / Learn More

A Big Sam for small days or the perfect board for the rider that needs a little more foam. No dings, heel dents or repairs. This log is spotless and ready to glide.

The following stock boards are in glass and coming soon. Email for details or to reserve. 

  • 5’8 Mini Simmons  - Steel Blue Resin Tint, Glass-On Simmons Keels G+P
  • 6’8 Super Stubby - Moss Green Resin Tint, Glass-On Marine Ply Side Bites G+P
  • 9’0 Rand Pan - Burnt Orange Resin Tint, G+P
  • 9’6 SAM - Dark Mustard Yellow Resin Tint, Black HD Foam, Gloss Polish, Volan
  • 7’6 Dirty Blade - Steel Grey Resin Tint, Wet Sand Gloss Finish
  • 5’10 Chivo Keel - Surfing With Friends Art, Glass On Marine Ply Keels, Glass Leash Loop, G+P



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