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Driftwood Caravan in the Maldives with Derek Thomas

Back in May, my good friend and Driftwood Caravan ambassador, Derek Thomas got on a plane headed for the Maldives.  He was fortunate enough to land a gig as the surf guide on Ocean Divine where he has been scoring epic surf almost every day. I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of shaping him his travel quiver which consists of a new short board shape I'm calling the Omega and a 7'2 Teardrop Pintail that I set up as a 2+1. We were both straight out of the studio as we had taken the last 6 months to write and record the debut EP for our band Jag Arbor (the music in the video was written and recorded by us) Here is a short edit I put together with footage of Derek at "Jails" as well as a few stills of the 5'5 Omega in some heavier waves at Ninjas.


Derek Thomas at Ninjas on his 5'5 Omega

5'5 Omega Shortboard by Driftwood Caravan

When they were new. 5'5 Omega / 7'2 Teardrop:

Currently, The Omega is a Special Menu item but it is available upon custom request. Teardrop is available as a custom item as well. For more details on either shape, send me an email and say hello!



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